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Aika näkyä ja kuulua.
Luodaan sinulle brändi-identiteetti.

Graphic Design

Everything you would expect from a graphic designer; layouts that deliver the message to the big world.

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Lohjan Kaupunki, 2017

Mainostoimisto Smoy, 2015


Web design ja -development

I have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, and I have moderate skills in JavaScript. As a publishing platform I use Wordpress.

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Photographing & Photoediting

Stylish photos and high quality photo editing.

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A picture tells more than a thousand words...

….however if you want to know more about this young designer, by all means keep reading. I’m a 21-years old media-assistant from Finland, Lohja who specialices in graphic design, UX/UI design, web design and -development and character design. I graduated in 2016 from Luksia and currently I work for town of Lohja as a project assistant.

I strive to develop my existing skills and learning new ones. An example of this would be my skills in UX/UI design and web design and -development. After graduating I didn’t have any knowledge regarding designing or creating websites till I decided to start learning it on my own. Nowadays I have a good understanding of the field and can create a website using WordPress and source code.

Generally I’m a rather positive, open-minded and flexible guy with tendency to be a little laconic. My free-time I spend developing my skills or drawing. For the most part I’m an anthro artist which shows in my cat mascot and my digital art gallery, which contains more animal characters than anything else.

Janzki Design